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We strongly believe in Diversity and flexibility, With each and every time on reinventing the techniques, which makes me compete with myself, giving an opportunity for growing better with the projects. It’s been 18 years since I stepped in to being a make-up artist, still every project feels like a first, and that feeling is where you care to give that extra nudge to your art of make-up, making someone’s memory an everlasting one. High-end fashion shoots are something my brand is famous for and proud worked with the finest of fashion photographers namely, Vishal Kulvakar from Mumbai, Chandra Prakash, Muthu Kumar, VS Anandha Krishnan, Bhagath Kumar & Sumanth Kumar to name a few. when standing still around these is not so easy task but, Ibrahim Makeup Artist slays an edge to steer clear in the business with some special secret ingredients technique which becomes really hard for someone to mimic. Every project feels like a first, and that feeling is where you care to give that extra nudge to your art of makeup, making someone’s memory an everlasting one, since I stepped in to be a makeup artist.

About Me

Hey All, I am makeup artist shabas. Welcome to my website. Congratulations on our forth-coming and no doubt one of the happiest days of your life.

Being a part of your Wedding, I provide a professional and friendly from first consultation to the big day itself.
Therefore I have the choice to use only the highest quality and Professional products.

Makeup Brands Used

The best makeup materials are carefully handpicked to ensure that I provide quality services. The brushes, sponges etc., are thoroughly sterilized therefore making it safe and healthy for the skin. Some of the Brands are:

I believe that all women are beautiful without makeup. but with the right makeup, one can be pretty and powerful.A more natural and romantic bride to 100 kings to enhance her beauty. 


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